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Elias Artista

My visionary art  and other creative projects, are in essence an integral part of personal process of individuation as eloquently defined by Carl Jung. 

  It brings me closer to the center of my being and helps to tap into the inner myth, to explore the microcosms of my psyche and the symbols and images contained in it. 

    A lifelong interest in philosophy, art, ancient & classical history, human psyche, and later psychedelic experience,  flows into my creative work, nourishing it so fully that I would never have enough time to explore every idea, every angle of my inquiry about the reality, still I will try my best to do so.

  To my benefit the digital medium in which I am mostly working, really allows these ideas to take shape in a relatively short periods of time, saving more of the precious resource for more ideas to be realized.

To follow my experiments more closely, see work in progress and get news, follow me on these social platforms.


I am based in Montreal, Canada  

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For any comments or inquiries please reach out here.

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