This gallery is the result of my favorite pastime - late nights spent in my home studio, experimenting with 3D designs, discovering new digital techniques to help me

visualize the contents of my imagination better.  

My own psyche, inspired by the philosophical call to "know thyself", acts as the main instigator of this creative pursuit, allowing me to explore visual symbolism of a mystical experience.


A defining influence on the visual style of this collection is brought by psychedelic   experience and the profoundly mystical notion of reality it is capable to produce.


I try to visualize that which is impossible to effectively convey in words, a direct encounter with a Kantian "noumenon", a thing in itself, a dive into what some call the Godhead, Brahman, Ein Sof, Plato's "The Good", Plotinus’ "The One".

Art Prints section will soon be available.

For any inquiries please reach out here.